IPM Academy

We offer our clients modern tailor-made educational modules in the fields of politics, digitalization and entrepreneurship that provide them with neccessary competencies for the digital future.


Our vision is to remain successful and quality based educational institution in the fields of politics, digitalization and entrepreneurship, on both national and international levels. For this purpose IPM Academy carries out tailor-made modern educational and training modules on the topics of (political) communication, execution of (political) campaigns, active citizenship, digitalization and digital transformation, entrepreneurship and professional as well as personal growth.


IPM Academy serves as a platform for integration and development of educational and research activities of IPM Group. Our main mission is to raise the level of political, digital and entrepreneurial literacy. We want to promote all mentioned fields and sinergies between them to individuals and both public and private organisations through modern educational modules that also strenghten their main competencies for the digital future. We support a knowledge based society.


Tjaša Božič

director and lecturer

Maja Mezeg

professional associate


IPM Academy offers individuals and organisations educational modules from all fields of work of IPM Group.


Political communication and strategies
  • election campaigns
  • political communication
  • crisis communication
  • advocacy
  • public speaking
  • public opinion


For youth
  • active citizenship for young people
  • digital competencies for active citizenship
  • simulations of political institutions
  • simulations of international community
For teachers
  • innovative approaches to teaching active citizenship
  • interactive methods of teaching


Business education modules
  • digital marketing
  • human resource development
  • business strategies
  • strategic communication
  • business etiquette
  • preparing a business plan
  • preparing a business pitch
  • young entrepreneurs
  • soft skills and communication
  • competencies for employees
Personal and professional development
  • individual trainings of rhetoric
  • soft skills
  • management of public image


Digital society
Advertising and marketing in a digital society
  • advertising and presence on the internet (lvl 1)
  • basics of digital marketing (lvl 1)
  • advertising in digital systems (lvl 1)
Digital transformation of economy
  • digital transformation of companies (lvl 1)
  • achieving business success with technology (lvl 1)
  • digitalization of processes as a pillar of digital transformation (lvl 2)
  • CX as a key to success of companies (lvl 2)
Internet 2.0: advantages, opportunities, challenges and threats
  • safe browsing on the internet (lvl 1)
  • how to recognize fake news (lvl 1)
  • basics of cybernetic security (lvl 2)
Learning for life
  • digital transformation of personal life (lvl 1)

Tjaša Božič

Because of fast paced social progress we're required to constantly train, perfect and upgrade our knowledge. IPM Academy offers you opportunities to gain new knowledge and competencies in the fields of politics, digitalization and entrepreneurship, as well as experiences and acquaintances which will help you in your path of professional development. We invite you to join us in creating a knowledge based society.
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